One of our best achievements was kicking sugar

One of our best achievements was kicking sugar

In today’s VLOG – we acknowledge one of the best outcomes of being on the low-carb mindset for more than a decade.

Sugar was the hardest
Seriously – kicking sugar was truly the hardest thing to do (with bread & other chippy carbs a close second).

The times we’d just have “a taste” of a sweet was far too many to count. And we always felt the pain.

But the last five years we’ve been stepping up our game to complete stoppage.

The temptation was always there. But we maintained the strength.

It took many years of strong resistance to win.

But then something happened in the past year. The temptation finally gave up.

We just didn’t want it at all anymore. We see sweets and other fun things from our past – and it doesn’t even register a blip anymore.

That is when we realized we succeeded. Kicking sugar is our specialty now!

So if you’re doing low-carb and still have struggled – know that it can take many years to officially “kick it to the curb” both physically and mentally.

Stay strong!

kicking sugar

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