The loudest planes above are?

Hey there – a quick post about the airplanes that fly above you and us in general.

Do you ever hear some jet airplanes that seem to sound louder than others? Perhaps they catch your attention more so?

Well – over the past several years – we’ve been “checking” the flights that pass over our home. We often use FlightRadar24. Fun to use!

And we seem to have found a trend worth mentioning.

The loudest planes above are?

Most “loud” jets are FedEx or UPS – with certain manufacturers

Now while it depends on where you live (in the flight paths companies take), the interesting trend we’ve noticed are:

  • The loudest planes are FedEx the majority of the time.
  • They’re also either McDonnell Douglas or AirBus manufactured planes.

They can also be Boeing, but only a small minority of the time, and usually they have lower altitudes.

The McDonnell Douglass planes are, in our opinion, the loudest. We also feel the shipping companies may be louder in general, because they probably have the heaviest planes, and thus require the most amount of engine power to control the aircraft.

But use something like FlightRadar24 to see which plane in specific is flying over your area. It’s nice to have these resources to satisfy our curiosity!

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