Bleach has always been the same! {VLOG}

Bleach has always been the same! {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we have sort of a “PSA” regarding the most useful cleaner around – BLEACH.

Apparently now – they deceive customers into thinking a 1-gallon container all of a sudden equals 45 gallons of bleach.

Not true.

Bleach has remained about the same “concentration” forever. Some are higher (due to smaller package sizes), but not significantly.

And certainly not 40x stronger.

The general guidelines for using bleach have not changed. You always diluted it to make surface cleaners, or for other applications.

They’ve just now twisted the marketing around to make you think you’re getting more for less. Nope.

Same old bleach.

Buy the no-name brand and save a ton of money (at places like Ocean State Job Lot for instance).

Have a great day!

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