Watching the Circus around us {current crisis}

How many of you are in the boat of opinion that isn’t scared one bit by this latest “crisis?” (in quotes on purpose.)

More importantly – has anyone just been observing over the past several months – how the general population has been behaving?

Like how the literal compliance of guidelines and “rules” has almost been perfect?

Talking specifically of how people are moving around – especially at stores like supermarkets.

Like an episode of The Twilight Zone again!

Sure – we know that people need to go to stores. And even those who might be like us and not believe the hype – will comply most of the time.

Why? To avoid conflict. Perhaps they are internally protesting. But like us – it’s sensible to stay low on the radar.

But is it worth it, even if it goes against your own core principles?

Seeing all these mask-zombies is just something we never imagined in the past. Are humans that easily programmable? Apparently so.

Minimal resistance in NJ so far

If you spend any time seeing what’s happening is some other places in the country (and world), the number of people becoming irritated with this whole situation – appears to be growing.

We haven’t seen any Corona Karens or other “human vs. human” battles of stupidity yet – thank the lord.

NJ has been known to be a blue state (at least according to so-called “offial” voting results) – and perhaps that has something to do with the sheep-like compliance. Who knows!

Whatever is – and what may come in the future – it’s still downright fascinating and illuminating at the same time.

We sure hope this dumb thing will successfully just go away soon.

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