Reasons to stop watching news programs {VLOG}

The last time we watched “news” regularly – was around the turn of the last decade.

Since then – we’ve practically “tuned out.”

With the exception of “keeping a pulse” on what the world is talking about (online), we focus on OUR lives – not what “they” are saying is happening elsewhere.

Why should you stop watching news programs?

For one – you should experience how it feels taking significant time off from watching “the news” (many years, ideally).

And then watch a program or three. Like a local broadcast, national broadcast, or cable show.

Do you know what happens?

It becomes clear as day – that these “programs” are utter nonsense.

  • You get the obvious sense that every “talking head” you see on these shows – thinks they are way more important than they are
  • The entire thing feels “produced” beyond belief. Like a Hollywood production. Graphics. Music soundtracks (dramatic of course), and much more – including psychological hooks to keep you engaged.
  • Bad news, tragedy, drama, despair. People somehow are attracted to the suffering of others.
  • The awful reference to “Authority” such as political figures and police representatives.

The “news” keeps the charade alive

Without getting way nitty-gritty about it – the simple fact is that the whole “news” world is designed to screw with you.

To literally manipulate and SHAPE who you are and how your mind works. From obvious ways (fear, medical) to extremely subtle ways (over time – slow drip – predictive programming).

Heck – even “conspiracy” fringes are also most likely the same thing – just on a different spectrum. Still there to keep you occupied – or to coerce you to spend your money somewhere (i.e., survival gear, etc.)

The best thing is to avoid all of it. Focus on family first. Always. Then slowly include friends or neighbors if they’re worthy.

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