Today’s post is about a “simple” thing most of us use almost every day: BUTTER.

Hardly anyone brings up the differences between butter out there.

And not from the standpoint of what is “healthy” or “organic,” but rather – what SALT does the butter have in it?

(And yes, while this website is generally focused on the 1,000 square mile area that is in and around Route 22 in New Jersey – HEALTH is a subject that knows no boundaries or limits, which is why we feel it’s important to discuss, no matter what the platform. This happens to be a topic that this author is passionate about.)

This is organic – but has refined salt.


Sorry for the dramatic headline – but it’s true.

First – see our post about Salt Your Way To Health. This will explain why SEA SALT is profoundly different from regular “salt.”

That said – eating butter with plain old “salt” is pretty much BAD for your health.

Believe it or not – it’s profoundly HARD to buy any butter that doesn’t contain the “BAD” salt! Why is that?

Even most organic butter – still contain the plain old (refined) salt. It’s disheartening. And we’re surprised that with all those educated businesses with health-conscious objectives overlook this important fact.

But there are some brands that do use sea salt.

This butter also uses refined salt instead of sea salt.


Before we mention the good butter – you need to take a step back and analyze what is out there.

There are many “purportedly” healthy butter alternatives. About half of them contain sea salt. But at the same time, those “butter” choices are probably WORSE for you overall.

This is not butter at all.

Vegetable oil or anything non-animal related should be avoided. It’s making you the next customer for your General Physician. Don’t fall for it!

Not many good butters left!

There are very few organic butter options available that season with SEA SALT.

Kate’s Creamery is one we can find at both ShopRite and Whole Foods.

Kate’s Creamery is the ONLY salted butter we buy at ShopRite. The only one with sea salt.

There’s another one – Vital Farms – That we found during our trip to Cape Cod last week, but we’ve never seen it in New Jersey. We have found, however, that they sell eggs in area supermarkets such as ShopRite.

Those are the only natural “cream” based butter products we’ve found that were salted with SEA SALT.

If you’re going to use butter – but don’t want to pay the premium for “sea salt butter,” then buy UNSALTED butter and add your own natural salt afterward. Good advice, I promise!

Read the book Salt Your Way to Health – and get back to us if you disagree. And no, I do not think that book was written by anyone with connections to any salt industry.

This is a very important dietary consideration especially for those of you looking to eliminate refined salt entirely from your life.


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