Is Oscar Mayer simply the best bacon?

We love bacon. One of the top 5 foods in our lineup (nothing will replace ground beef as #1, though.)

It’s low-carb, delicious, and satiating. What more can you ask for?

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t “traveled the food world” checking out dozens of other brands and sources. But will the king of bacon always be Oscar Mayer?

Say hello to my little friends!

Oscar Mayer used to be the only bacon

Growing up – we had nothing but Oscar Mayer bacon in our house. I’m guessing there were hardly any other brands. And especially no garbage like turkey bacon or other crappy alternatives.

While Oscar Mayer still has a top presence in local NJ supermarkets – there are countless other options. Brands like Hormel and Smithfield take up similar shelf space, and of course some newer organic and nitrite-free versions (much more costly). You have thick-cut, center-cut, and even various flavors and smoked varieties. And of course, the fake options (or even vegan bacon – which is the most ridiculous thing in the world).

Slab bacon is okay on occasion.

Going full circle with bacon (cost also plays a factor)

We have no issue trying other brands of bacon. After all, bacon is bacon. There was no trouble with brand-allegiance when it came to bacon.

One major thing that compels us to try other brands – are SALE prices. We determined a long time ago – that we should never EVER pay more than $3.99 per pound of bacon.

Why? Because each week places like ShopRite Supermarkets have one brand or another on sale. Sometimes as low as $2.99 per pound. You get what is the most affordable. (That doesn’t mean we haven’t splurged on “fancy” or “boutique” bacon out of curiosity.)

Generally, though, we stock up during sales and put aside our preferences to avoid standard table salt, which is in most bacon out there. (Sea salt bacon is the gold standard).

But during a recent sale – we picked up the “original” Oscar Mayer Hardwood Smoked bacon.

And we had a revelation!

This is not a sponsored post. We just remembered how good Oscar Mayer Bacon was!

Try Oscar Mayer again if you’ve been away for a while

After all the other brands we’ve tried – from each and every supermarket brand (even Target Bacon!) to niche butchers, Amish markets, you name it – something happened when we fried up a recent batch of Oscar Mayer bacon.

We actually think Oscar Mayer Bacon was truly the BEST BACON.

Best texture and best taste.

After the whole multi-year journey of eating every other bacon under the sun – it was clear to us that Oscar Mayer is plain and simply our favorite. Nitrites and all.

It’s a very troubling feeling too. Because while we don’t care too much about the nitrite fear-mongering, we do try to avoid plain “salt,” and would really want to stick with sea salt (Hormel makes one – their low-sodium version – and even Oscar Mayer has one), even though they’re not the best tasting.

A quagmire for us indeed.

Perhaps we’ll take the 50/50 approach and go back and forth between the two options.

But for those of you who’ve avoided the “Granddaddy” of supermarket bacon for some time – give it a shot again. You’ll understand what I mean as you cook and eat that bacon. There is something about it that sets it apart from all others.

Are you hungry yet?

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