Hard to convince others about low-carb and Carnivore {VLOG}

Hard to convince others about low-carb and Carnivore {VLOG}

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we share frustrations with “red-pilling” others about our food consumption choices.

It’s so interesting to see how others react to our lifestyle.

Most people actually cannot comprehend two important facts – regardless of how much we try to convince them.

  1. We are more happy and more content than we have ever been in our lives.
  2. It’s ridiculously easy once you truly understand it.

Almost everyone who has asked us “how we did it” (i.e., found the cure to most maladies), just cannot change their lives for the better.

Change comes from within

Just like we did – it’s probably an accurate statement to say that “change comes from within.”

All the people in the world can give you advice and lead by example. But it doesn’t work for most people unless they choose to “grab the horns” as they say.

Giving up sugar is a tough thing to do. Amazing, in fact. Probably the most addictive substance on the planet.

You should see the looks I get when I tell people how we’ve kicked sugar. We mention books like Sugar Blues to no avail. The folks we’ve tried helping look worse each time we see them.

Perhaps at one point in the near future – we may not see them ever again.

But we’re not here to save the world. Just to offer assistance once people are ready to commit.

What was your “moment” that led you to the path of good dietary living?

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