We mention “salt” a lot in our weekly supermarket roundup VLOGS. So today, we’ll elaborate a bit about why the TYPE of salt you consume is very important to understand.

Salt Your Way to Health book by Dr. David Brownstein

For starters – I highly recommend that everyone pick up (or borrow) the book called Salt Your Way to Health, by Dr. David Brownstein.

It’s not a very lengthy or elaborate book, because the message is simple:

Processed (or refined) salt – also called “table salt” is actually BAD for you.

While unrefined salt (most often called SEA SALT, sometimes Himalayan Salt or Celtic Salt) is profoundly beneficial – even though it tastes almost the same!

How can two kinds of salts be so opposite?

Again – highly recommend either buying Salt Your Way to Health – or reading the reviews. You might be able to get enough just with that.

For whatever reason – the salt industry had become corrupted at some point in time. Our belief is that they figured out to remove the upwards of 84 vital minerals from the salt – in order to make additional profit by selling those individually.

What was left was a product that tasted the same – yet actually harmed your body in a multitude of ways, including making you more acidic.

While unrefined sea salt promotes a healthier, more alkaline body composition.

There are many other connections. Such as adrenal and thyroid issues, hypertension, and others that could be prevented with the proper salt.

How the majority of the populous is either ignorant regarding the truth, or basically just misinformed is astounding. It’s no surprise this book is currently fairly costly – and many industries are still trying to keep the lid on this valuable information by attempting to debunk it or scare people still with the “low sodium” diet.

Low processed salt, yes, we agree. But sea salt is a different animal entirely.

FYI – we like Real Salt for use in cooking – and Maldon Sea Salt Flakes for post-cooking seasoning (on the plate). We don’t feel comfortable buying the big brands like Morton or Hain. Don’t trust them.

Careful choosing your products as well!

Most non-pure foods in supermarkets today might contain salt – for flavoring. It’s the most widely used spice in the world.

But you need to be careful – and read all the ingredient labels.

Almost all products contain processed refined salt.

Look for products that use SEA SALT instead. It’s not easy, and sometimes you might have to simply not buy the product if you don’t want the toxic salt in your body.

Also – when eating out – be sure to ask your server if they have sea salt instead of ordinary table salt if you like adding salt to your dishes.

We just wanted to throw this simple public service announcement out there. Because it’s not spoken about nearly enough. Something this important (and yet so basic) has to be hammered home.

That’s it. We’ll make reference to this cornerstone post many times in the future.

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