How the Government made you fat

Our main message with our regular low-carb, keto, carnivore videos has been simple. Do not raise your blood sugar. That has been the “one simple trick” when it comes to maintaining good health in that regard.

We feel that we’re doing anyone that feels compelled to hear what we have to say a big favor. By cutting out the static, and getting down to what we believe is truly the simplest, most effective and informative piece of data people need.

You can pick a so-called “diet plan” to engage in, but we strongly suggest that you pay attention to sugar. It’s a powerful industry, as well as force on your body and brain.

Check out our Sugar Blues post for more on that.

But we share with you a simple 5-minute video that you can add to your arsenal of information. It recaps the history of (bad advice) that has been peddled in our country.

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