$6 slices of plain pizza in NJ! {Why?}

While perusing the Kings of Bedminster, NJ – we noticed something ridiculous (to us at least!) A $6 slice of pizza. Frozen, nonetheless!

They sell a product called Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza in the freezer section. “Authentic” pizza from Brooklyn, one of the top spots of pizza in America, apparently.

A five-ounce slice of Margherita Pizza is six dollars. That’s over $18 per pound of food!

For 18 bucks, we could easily get three pounds of bacon and three pounds of ground beef – and still have change!

 slices of plain pizza in NJ! {Why?}

If you catch us buying this – we are certifiably out of our mind.

Are people so desperate for Pizza in NJ?

Perhaps the people out in “the sticks” all have crappy suburban pizza, and they miss the taste of pizza in the big city, who knows.

But it’s 2019, there has to be a place that can compete and eliminate the need to shell out big bucks for a frozen slice, right?

Either way – pizza is a thing of our past – regardless of how wonderful those five-minutes of chewing was. Anyone that is Keto or Low-Carb knows this – and doesn’t even bother anymore. Better off eating fresh mozzarella instead.

In the end – there is a market of people willing to fork over their money. Maybe they have money to burn. To many others – this is truly insane!

Enjoy your day!

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