Review: Main & Vine Wine Spritzer Pink Grapefruit {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we go off our usual track when it comes to “adult beverages” (alcoholic drinks), and give some low-carb wine spritzers a shot. Main & Vine.

Frankly – these were somewhat enjoyable. 5.5% alcohol, but very small (8.4 oz.) compared to 12 oz. cans, and not that low in carbs (around 4g per can).

But the “buzz” we got was a bit different than the rest. Definitely different, even a bit “happier” than we’re used to.

We’ll drink them from time to time just to mix things up. We just won’t make a habit of it, because of the blood-sugar impacts of excessive intake.

What are your thoughts about these kinds of drinks?

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