What are your goals for the new, shiny year we’re now calling 2019?

Many people call them “resolutions.”

Or more specifically, “New Years Resolutions.”

We’re not quite on that line of thinking. Our goals are typically free-flowing and don’t start or end with a date and time. It’s sensible to always have a list of things you’d like to work on, no?

But we have our health in check – so luckily we’re no longer stuck in that vicious cycle of “rinse and repeating” the same failures.

However, there are some goals currently on our list that we’d like to address short term.

Goals for 2019 {What are yours?}

NJroute22.com Goals for 2019 (what are yours?)

The goals we have are fairly simple and straight-forward. Some easier than others – but almost all of them require one or both of the following: Time and money.

(In no particular order)

  • Get a few new restaurants under our belt. We’ve said before that we prefer eating at home. The food is always better (i.e., no hidden “spices” that are unhealthy). Plus, we have a simple diet – Just meat primarily. No fancy complicated dishes. We treat food as fuel – not as entertainment. However, we’d like to check out some new places around the Route 22 area like Harper’s Table, Jersey Q BBQ, Chimney Rock, and Oink & Moo to name a few.
  • Get back on the road! We’re stranded. Haven’t had transportation since June 2018. My car is dead – and our family is getting by on only one. That is severely limiting our content capabilities – and we’ve had to improvise and curate in different ways. My 14-year old car needs about $5 grand worth of work to make it road-worthy again. And we just don’t have the disposable income at the moment to try. We’re figuring out alternatives. Cannot live through 2019 like this much longer. Need the freedom to travel at will. For both this publication and our sanity.
  • Grow readership for NJroute22.com. With each week – our readership grows. That’s nice and all, but running a “website” in 2019 is a tough cookie. We (publishers) enjoy having visitors to our site – but it’s quite hard as a “startup” these days. Because most people are stuck on social media. Yes, those “networks” are making it very hard for publishers to thrive. Sure – we’ll be at 2,000 Instagram followers soon enough – but it’s next to impossible to get them to visit your site. So we have more work to do in order to get people to our property. Any tips?
  • Improve our video productions. We’re quite short on time and money here. But we do our best to publish original, unique, or compelling content each and every week. We haven’t missed a beat since launching eight months ago. And we’ve decided to be fairly video-centric as well. With at least two videos a week. However, our production quality is somewhat “raw,” as we don’t have the resources to make them better. The whole YouTube scene is crazy. But we’ll keep trying as long as we can. Incremental progress is still progress! And that makes us happy.

Goals for 2019 {What are yours?}

Do what you can with what you’re presented with!

Those “goals” were just a few off the top of our heads.

We make the best with what we have. The hardest part is our time. With lots of responsibilities at home – it can be very trying to make time for this publication. Especially when those stretches of time are quite sporadic. Especially with late hours and limited sleep!

We used to have almost limitless time to study, think, contemplate, and practice our trade(s). These days, not so much. While we’d love to delegate – that is not in the cards at the present time.

But we still love what we do. Even though it’s frustrating to address our passions in such a haphazard way – we can still think of nothing better. Creating for us – even in a piecemeal way – is better than passively consuming. Even if we won the lotto – I cannot ever imagine being idle.

What goals do you have? The same cookie-cutter ones everyone else has? Or are yours more unique?

Have a great 2019!

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