Supermarket and Retail Updates – January 2020

Today’s VLOG is some quick supermarket and retail observations for the month of January 2020.

  • One of the better kinds of butter is no longer being sold at Shoprite. And that’s Kerry Gold. Not sure why – but we suspect that the “plant-based” butters are pushing the REAL butters out. Kate’s butter out of Maine was also “removed” recently. However, they did make room for Vermont Creamery – which is highly recommended.
  • Low-carb correction. We recently griped about how there are no low carb “sections” in area supermarkets. However, we did see a notation on one of the aisles at Shoprite that said “low carb foods.” We couldn’t find much, other than beef jerky. Not the lowest carbs, but a good low-carb snack when on the road. We’ll investigate again in the near future.
  • Another low carb sighting. Russell Stover has some sugar-free chocolates. They have erythritol and malitol (laxative.) While we highly recommend against eating anything “Sweet,” we couldn’t resist trying two of these – and they’re pretty damn good. Be careful with sweet temptations!
  • Another weird product. SOYLENT. We’re not sure what the deal is with this (remember the movie Soylent Green? They were drinking humans!) This “Soylent” is actually soy-based and full of lies. They say “low GI,” but we disagree. Each bottle has over 36g of carbs. This will break your ketosis. Tons of other bad ingredients too. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. We suspect they may have snuck MSG into them as well (hence the good reviews).
  • Lastly – Another “plant-based” ice cream. Again full of misleading information. They say diabetic-friendly – but only if you eat one spoonful (each serving has 10g net carbs – 40g for the pint). Also says “high protein.” Each serving has 3g of protein. Enough for a common housefly. Also filled with BS ingredients that are likely addictive. AVOID.
  • That’s it for this month – see you in February!

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