Here’s another supermarket review! This time we talk about the Frenchtown Market (in Frenchtown, NJ).

Frenchtown is one of those destinations we like checking out several times a year. A quaint little place to spend a few hours with the kids, get some fresh air, and more (like heading into PA for fun events like the Tinicum Arts Festival…)

But little did we know that Frenchtown also has an IGA supermarket. It’s just outside the main “downtown” area, less than half a mile to the north (off Milford Road – see map below).

The only supermarket in Frenchtown

When you live out in these parts, as opposed to more densely populated areas, there are trade-offs. In this case, you get the serenity of quiet rural living, but pay for it with limited choice when it comes to supermarkets.

Other than the Frenchtown Market – the closest “real” supermarket is either 20 minutes to the west (Kimberton Whole Foods in PA – a great store), or 20 minutes east on Route 12 to Flemington, NJ – where you have excellent options in both ShopRite and ALDI.

But that’s not saying Frenchtown Market is a bad thing! For one, it’s a locally-owned store, just like Bishops of Whitehouse and Pennington Food Market, and part of the IGA food cooperative.

Small, quaint, but fits the bill

The Frenchtown Market is no “super” market by any means – but they certainly have most of your needs covered.

The meat selection was adequate for sure (we picked up fresh chicken thighs for just $0.69 a pound). But the fresh fruit and vegetable section was quite small compared to what we’re used to. But they probably suffice, because foot traffic and overall volume is in line with what they stock.

They also offer double coupons, which not every supermarket does.

All in all, we felt the Frenchtown Market was “just right” for the community they serve. Nice people, too!

Frenchtown Market – 28 6th Street {MAP}

A perfect supermarket for Frenchtown, NJ
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Parking

Wouldn't change a thing

Frenchtown Market serves the community just fine. We like it just the way it is. If you really need specialty items – other options are just a 20-minute drive away.

Phone: 908.996.6869

Store Hours:
Sunday 9AM – 6PM
Monday-Friday 8AM – 9PM
Saturday 8AM – 8PM

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