We see this more and more – people who are NOT assertive and are often timid and weak when trying to make a left turn against oncoming traffic. They hold up the world behind them! Some of the worst offenders are also digitally narcissistic. As you can see below – we’re not the only ones. Less of us today than decades ago – but we’re still here!

Lazy Left-turning drivers!

On Slow Going!

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Garth asks: I expected you would mention how “drivers,” while waiting for oncoming traffic to clear so they may make a left turn (in a non-left turn lane/ non-green arrow intersection) refuse to move straight ahead of the stop line into the intersection during a green light so they will be able to turn efficiently/quickly when an opportunity arises. It is madness how zero left-turners will get through a green light cycle when the lead car does this! I always enjoy your articles!

My reply: I should have!

What you describe is another of many examples of the serial incompetence one encounters regularly on the road. No effort made to anticipate the opportunity to clear the intersection or to avoid blocking it. Argle bargle!

I deal with this almost every day myself when I try to make the left turn across traffic into the parking lot of my gym. The traffic is often heavy and the signaled green infrequent. I pull forward – assuming I’m the lead car – and position myself to make use of the first opening that comes. And if none comes before the brief green arrow comes, I am positioned to get through and out of the way very quickly, enabling any cars behind me to follow before the light turns red again.Lazy Left-turning drivers!

But most drones just sit there, their turn signal blinking impotently – as their “driver” makes no attempt at all to be prepared to move. When the light eventually does go green, there is always a excruciating pause before the dude-on-ludes finally notices and creeps forward. Usually, maybe one car behind him makes it through before the light changes.

It makes my teeth ache…

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