ALDI of Flemington, NJ

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ALDI of Flemington, NJ

This is a post about the newest ALDI Food Market in New Jersey, the ALDI of Flemington, NJ.

Opened in late 2017 over in Flemington, NJ (technically Raritan, NJ) this food market is a welcome addition to the community.

The location in Flemington is used often by us. We occasionally used the Easton, PA location in the past – but this spot suits our general needs better. There is a location opening up in Phillipsburg, NJ later this spring that will likely also get utilized often by this family.

Check out our ALDI Food Market post to find out more about them.

ALDI is definitely in our “circle of trust” (yeah, a Meet the Parents reference, sorry). 

There is something completely satisfying about shopping here. Besides the crazy low prices, we truly feel like the quality of almost all things is top-notch.

Another crazy tidbit is, that there are some people in our family that really don’t like ALDI. They somehow feel that it is “beneath” them. Like it is some kind of cheap shop for poor people, and they’d rather shop at upscale shops such as Kings or other over-priced markets.

Why is that? Because they refuse to TRY the products and see how good they are. Also because they make up excuses why they’re not good. Like they WANT them to fail!

Each ALDI product we’ve personally tried has been perfectly acceptable.

To be honest, we’re on the fence about their meat products. They just don’t look “fresh” if you know what I’m saying. Perhaps there is a prime day of the week to get quality meats – but I have stayed back on this particular aspect about ALDI. But I see countless customers buying fresh meat by the ton, so perhaps we should just bite the bullet and give it a shot. Check for future reviews of their animal products.

We should add a few things. As of March 2018, ALDI is not a sponsor on like ALDI on our own merits. We hope they come on board eventually, but that depends on a lot of factors, visitor traffic, user-engagement, social media, and much more.

But regardless if they like us, we will always like them!

ALDI of Flemington, NJ Map

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