Well, look at this! “FatBoy” Ice Cream doesn’t try to deceive.

With the exception of “gender” (which may possibly offend some people in the future for not being inclusive) – this ice cream brand (we know nothing about them per se) at least doesn’t lie!

This product is about as close as we’ve found to telling the truth about their products. It’s a fattening thing to eat.

FatBoy Ice Cream (by Casper’s) found at ShopRite

FatBoy Ice Cream is owned by Casper’s. Their website doesn’t say much about the company other than they’re run out of Utah. We spotted them at ShopRite supermarkets in the NJroute22.com area.

An online encyclopedia entry suggests Casper’s been around for over 90 years, and are currently being run by the grandsons of the family.

Frankly – this company doesn’t seem so bad!

FatBoy Ice Cream seems decent

We like the “family owned” aspect of this business (while far from “local”).

And while their products have large amounts of carbohydrates (1/3 carbs), they’re in line with other competing brands such as Haagen Dazs.

Naturally, we don’t recommend that anyone consume this quantity of carbs in one sitting. However, if you have no other carbs beforehand (i.e., your lunch or dinner), then if you MUST indulge from time to time 25g of carbs for a “bar” (not the ice cream sandwiches which are 36g of carbs), you might be able to get away without raising your blood sugar to the point of “spiking.”

Ice Cream is a dangerous endeavor

Real quick rant here. Ice cream coolers probably take up the MOST space in all supermarkets. The variety and options are beyond belief.

It’s clearly an addictive substance that has many repeat customers, otherwise, the markets wouldn’t make the space.

What does that tell you? Does that mean it’s good for YOU – or good for THEM?

We understand the reason. It’s our hope that many others one day in the future also understand the reason. We all love our indulgences. But at what expense? To make you weaker and your physicians wealthier?

And don’t get me wrong. I’ve been there and done that. With grave regrets.

It takes a strong person to understand the difficulties between almost animal desire versus who benefits. Ice cream is a man-made object. It does not exist “in nature.”

That is something that may help you understand why we went down that road and turned around. This sweet product isn’t “natural” by any means. It’s the equivalent to a drug.

I watch my kids – as we give them literal “dribs” of ice cream to just tame them for a few minutes (we cannot even remember who gave them that “taste” first.) And it pains me to see how they’re affected by this substance. It isn’t natural. And our kids go bonkers afterward. We have a profound story coming up in the next few weeks about this.

We’re struggling at this point on how to reverse this trend.

If you value your health – then choose wisely

I’ll conclude this post by saying that if you have long-term health goals – drastically lowering your carbohydrate intake should be at the top. This obviously includes EXCLUDING products such as ice cream.

And we’ll include the obligatory poster-children of the low-carb movement, such as bread, pasta, starches, and other high-sugar fruit like apples, oranges, and bananas. We could add most vegetables as well since humans weren’t designed to consume mass quantities of those either.

Other than occasional indulgences – we’re doing better than others with our kids – the obvious effects of sugar are evident. A powerful force.

And that very powerful force has grips on millions of other people as well – as we are witness to each time we visit the supermarket, as well as see the countless reports of sick people.

Best bet is to avoid those (literally) mind-altering pleasure substances that are very sugar-heavy.

I cannot argue that ice cream isn’t physically satisfying to eat. The same way an opioid addict cannot argue that popping a Vicodin isn’t pleasurable either.

But what I wish more people took the time to realize is the long-term issues that will undoubtedly show face. For all the diabetic or obese people we see sitting in waiting rooms across the area (surely wishing they were elsewhere), we state these things to hopefully prevent others from making the same mistakes.

Your choice: Short-term pleasure (one after the other – year after year until…); Dreadful medical quagmires (probably until the day you die in pain).

For us? The choice is clear. Find pleasure in avoiding those later problems!

(PS – eat red meat!)

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