Bread is a tough subject for many

We’re definitely not with the majority when it comes to our viewpoint regarding bread. But we wanted to share nonetheless. If it helps one person, we’ll be happy.

We kicked all sugar and carbs out of our life. See the Sugar Blues article for more about that.

Bread, regardless of what it is labeled as – is essentially sugar. Carbs and sugar are synonymous for the most part.

It’s true that this type of food consumption is probably responsible for most of the health woes that people have these days. The human body was not meant to consume this stuff at the levels and frequency that is happening today.

You know bread is bad, but…

Yet – it’s hard to convince people otherwise. The addiction is next to impossible to defeat. Thanks, industrial revolution.

Each time we walk down aisles at the supermarket that are entirely comprised of various forms of bread – we see the writing on the wall. But it’s like being a mute when the movie theater is really on fire. No one can hear you.

Bread is cheap. Bread is tasty. Bread is addictive. But most overlooked – bread is useless for you. So glad we cut the cord.

And please don’t be mistaken by “whole grain,” or even “gluten free.” No bread is good.

We’ve heard in the past that true ancient grain bread may actually have a low glycemic impact due to the “simple” non-genetically-altered makeup – but those are hard to find (some rustic bakery in the middle of nowhere), and never available commercially – even if they state “ancient grain” on the label.

Anyone looking to improve their health quickly should investigate low carb or even carnivore diets. While Paleo and Keto are okay – they’re a bit more difficult to maintain long-term.

My heart goes out to everyone caught up in the quagmire. Even those who are very fit and work out a lot, don’t be deceived by your external physique. Things happen inside your body too.

Bread, bread, and more bread!

So soft and squishy – who can resist?

Nowhere to hide – no other options – bread is everywhere!

Most people we speak with cannot fathom being without bread. It’s been hard-wired into their lives. Down to the DNA, I’d suspect.

Every single meal and snack usually includes bread or some other form of grains or carbs.

  • Breakfast: Toast, egg sandwiches, bagels, cereal.
  • Lunch: Hero, veggie burger, wrap, chips.
  • Snacks: Go to any vending machine to see.
  • Dinner: Bread basket, hamburger, pizza, and so on.

This is why. When bread (and most other carbs) have been your mealtime companion for so many years – tens of thousands of interactions over a lifetime. Getting rid of it is akin to removing a limb for most people.

If they only truly understood how much better off their lives would be if it was eradicated from their consumption pattern. The momentary pleasure one gets from consuming this type of food is so powerful – it makes them blind to the more positive alternatives. They’re trapped. Prisoners in their own bodies.

The first hurdle is the hardest

But there are some that “made it to the other side.” You can, too. It’s just a relatively hard initial hurdle to get over. The first few days and weeks are difficult when going low carb. That is where 90% of the people give up. The odd feeling of withdrawal and discomfort as your body sheds the addiction is not fun.

Those who prevail getting over the first hump, are then presented with many other obstacles along the way. The main one being “temptation.” Almost constant. The newbies fall for the traps and may even get sucked back to the dark side. Others just learn from their mistakes and strengthen their resolve. In fact, we feel that literally experiencing the hardships of error does indeed make you even more determined.

Other tricks are foods that are high in carbs but you don’t realize. Many fruits and veggies – which have the “healthy” label – are often almost as bad. That is why we no longer touch salads whatsoever.

It’s a tough nut to crack – but not impossible. Those looking for vast improvements should investigate on their own, and be careful of the countless ways you can be led astray.

We hope that this shines some light of the reality of the food maze we live in. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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