Happy Thanksgiving 2020 New Jersey

You have to admit – “holidays” like Thanksgiving are pretty much cliché these days. Everyone is far too removed from the exact origin to have any understanding or even appreciation. So most people parrot very similar things about what they are thankful for.

Of course, there are a small minority of people like us that also feel a bit forced during any “decreed” holiday event. Regardless of what they are. Folks with a similar mindset don’t need special days to feel specific ways. Thankful? We try our hardest to be that way all year long.

Do you ever wonder if people are sincere with their utterances of thanks during this holiday? Or do they just want to sound better than anyone else? Many things to ponder, if you have the capability to critically think, that is.

Somewhat awkward in 2020, don’t ya think?

The 2020 Thanksgiving Holiday will without a doubt be a bit unprecedented. We can think of only maybe one other Thanksgiving in the past 50 years that might have felt “off,” and that was after 9/11. But mainly because of the overall paranoia going around (i.e., security). But there were no “distancing” talks.

But it will be interesting to witness. Some states have “laws” restricting gatherings and all that.

And naturally – quite a few people are literally scared for some reason, which might even prevent them from hosting or attending ANY gatherings whatsoever.

I can only imagine if there will be any virus doorbusters for Black Friday tomorrow. Frankly, I don’t care and don’t really want to know either. Haha!

And worst of them all is that the “conversation” around the table will likely be dominated by talk of the so-called crisis. And perhaps even face diapers. I can tell you now that there is nothing to be thankful for in that respect.

If there is a silver lining in any of the past eight months – it’s that the overall congestion on New Jersey roads certainly has gone down. And maybe with a lot of the superficial economy shut down – more people will engage in productive things. But we’re probably asking for too much, as we suspect more binge-watching likely resulted.

Still a good break!

Whether your Thanksgiving weekend is a boring bust or not, it’s still a good time to relax if you can. To take a load off and literally recharge a bit. Perhaps renew some vigor that might have been lost during 2020.

We’re confident everything will be okay. And will proceed as if that is the case.

So – that said, have a Happy Thanksgiving 2020 New Jersey!

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