NJroute22.com Supermarket Roundup 10.19.2018

It’s that time again for our supermarket roundup VLOG for the week/weekend starting October 19, 2018. This week we give a shout out to the Frenchtown Market. Why? Because we were curious about this IGA supermarket (which is part of the same co-op as Bishops of Whitehouse, NJ). We plan to publish an overview next week of our brief visit there.

As we’ve said in the past, most stuff sold at supermarkets are not necessarily “good for you.” Yes, they keep us alive in one shape or form – but much of what is available is technically “frankenfood.” Scary, but true.

Each week it gets a bit harder for us to diversify our message – because the message is simple, and it may sound repetitive.

Additionally, unless you’re a hard-core “couponer” (someone who spends a ridiculous amount of time and energy to save money), the week-to-week “savings” usually is meager at best. The major key to saving money is not buying or consuming addictive and non-nutritious foods or drinks. Empty calories consumed can be equated to burning dollar bills. Think about that for a minute.

Along those lines – it’s amazing how often we skip dinner because we’re just not hungry. Not a starvation diet by any means. Just listening to our bodies. And by not shoving chips and bread into our gullets – our bodies are quite mum when it comes to the “I’m starving, feed me!” language. Amazing we didn’t figure this out decades earlier in our lives.

Anyway – we still shop at places like ShopRite and so on, and they do sell non-food items that are useful as well. LOL.

Please stay with us as we fine-tune our video offerings. And I’d surmise that if you watch every week – you’ll start to pick up on some common thoughts we have. We’re living proof of the words we speak. Smart long-term ideals are important. So is trial and error as well as personal experience. If anyone wants to get some tips from us personally just drop us an email njroute22@gmail.com with your concerns. We’ll do our best to help.

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