The seasons arrive way sooner (Halloween – Thanksgiving)

Every year, the marketing blitz just gets earlier and earlier, no?

Recenty, (in late August), stores like TJMAXX already had Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff out.

Sure, it was “only” two months away – and places like Walmart commonly start Christmas in the summer as well! But is there any end to this mind-numbing consumer blitz?

Not much else to expound on – but it’s clear to us, that the goal of the marketing industry is to pummel consumers with not TODAY – but “what’s next” at every given opportunity.

It’s the mindset of the current way of life in America. Forget contentment and happiness. You have to constantly be worried about something else.

Luckily for us, this stuff doesn’t affect us. But we’re concerned for everyone else.

Have a good day!

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