Five more things we like buying at Walmart {August 2019}

Today’s VLOG is once again about Walmart. We take a look at some of the things we have no issue buying there. We like to preserve our money, and when you can legally save – then who would ever knock it?

  1. Organic Tea. Cheap. Under 3 bucks a box. Our favorite is the Ginger / Turmeric flavor. Exceptional tea in our opinion. But since everyone’s preference varies – your mileage will certainly differ.
  2. Heavy Cream. We were happy paying $1.62 per pint ($3.12 per quart) for a long while. This was about the bottom-line price also at ALDI and LIDL. However, one Walmart we went to recently raised the price on pints by over 20% to $1.94. That is not cool. It was nice to have Walmart as a Heavy Cream standby if the other places were not on the itinerary that day!
  3. Tecnu Poison Ivy Scrub – this product is widely-available but can be had for substantially less at Walmart. $12.22 per tube.
  4. Arts and Crafts for kids. We generally like places like Michaels or Hobby Lobby – however, Walmart does have a decent selection of the basics. This may be overlooked by most average shoppers. It’s a nice touch that they cover this aspect of consumerism.
  5. Cooking oils. Specifically Avocado oil and coconut oils. Large versions for very good prices.

Notables at Walmart:

We also were taken aback that a POUND of “fresh” mozzarella cheese was only $1.43. Normally close to $4 bucks at your local supermarket. Or on sale for $2.99. Once a year, maybe $1.99. But under $1.50 every day at Walmart? See the video above to see how it compared.

Lastly – it’s easy to say “DO NOT BUY TECHNOLOGY AT WALMART!” Back in the day when we were TRUE tech-snobs, we’d agree with that statement. However, as tech has become essentially disposable, as well as hard to differentiate between premium and economy – we now have loosened our snobbery.

In fact – the 55″ LCD TV we never watch was bought from Walmart (LG). It works great when we decide to power it on.

The same might even be true for their computers as well. While you’ll certainly find better deals elsewhere (Best Buy open box, Amazon used, eBay, etc.) you can’t knock the low-end stuff they sell. I cannot tell you how many times I HAD to have the “BEST,” only to replace it in the exact same amount of time if I had bought a lesser model. I would have a lot of money.

The only time you really need SUPER HIGH END, is practically never. Only if you have a demanding job or application that requires superior equipment. Today? That is far and few between. Nowadays, it’s time-wasting games and movies. Stuff you really can live without.

Always having the best technology is a loser’s bet. Buy used a year or two later. Brilliant cash-saver!

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