Sometimes the best part of your days, weeks, and months – are “stumbling” upon something you knew nothing about. That is the case with Beneduce Vineyards of Pittstown, NJ.

As often as we can (and as time permits), we strive to take a new road each and every time we head out. Treat our lives like a vacation to someplace we’ve never been. While sometimes that’s next to impossible if we’re heading somewhere we’ve been 100 times already, we can still make it happen often enough.

On a recent trip to the Frenchtown Market – we decided to go off the main road just to see what was around. Lo behold, we discovered Beneduce Vineyards. And they were open for business!

Beneduce Vineyards of Pittstown, NJ

About Beneduce Vineyards of Pittstown, NJ

“As a family rooted in farming, we truly believe that great wines are made in the vineyard. Our ultimate goal at Beneduce Vineyards is to produce the highest quality wine possible from our family’s land. That means no cutting corners. We use innovative techniques that our Vineyard Manager learned while studying cool-climate grape growing at Cornell University. We do everything by hand so we know it’s done with care and it’s done right. And we do it sustainably so we know we’ll pass on healthy land to future generations.

Our main white varieties are Chardonnay, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer, while plantings of red grapes include Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and an Austrian red named Blaufränkisch. We think the extra effort we put into caring for these vines makes a big difference in the bottled wine, and we hope you’ll agree.”

Beneduce Vineyards of Pittstown, NJ

Beneduce Vineyards of Pittstown, NJ

In NJ, local is important

Beneduce charges around $28 per bottle of wine, which is out of our usual price range, especially for the Cheap Wine Reviews we enjoy doing.

However, we will still support them as much as we can afford to (a bottle or two per year – plus maybe a wine-tasting).

Why? Because they’re local. No other reason. We don’t see nor can we taste the difference between $100 bottles of wine, and a good $5.99 bottle. And most people cannot either, if not provided the “hype” beforehand.

But that’s not saying a $30 wine is bad either (other than the cost). We like almost all wine!

Beneduce Vineyards of Pittstown, NJ

Beneduce Vineyards of Pittstown, NJ

Fun to get out of dodge, see something different

While some publications have written about Beneduce – they’re far from well known. They also don’t promote too much other than their social media accounts and what bloggers like us provide them.

Most of the 50,000 or so bottles per year are sold via word of mouth (or so they said).

It’s important to note that this family also owns Great Swamp Greenhouses as well. So they know they farming pretty well.

Beneduce Vineyards of Pittstown, NJ

Beneduce Vineyards of Pittstown, NJ

Overall – Beneduce Vineyards a great place to check out

Even if you don’t drink alcohol – Beneduce Vineyards is a fun place to visit, even if it’s just to see what it’s all about.

They have some items for sale in a mini gift display up front. And it’s just a plesant place to walk around. You can tell that whomever takes care of this property – is absolutely meticulous in how well they keep it. Beyond even the best kept grounds we’ve seen in a very long time. Better than golf course quality!

You can reach them at 908-996-3823, or visit their website – See map below.

Beneduce Vineyards of Pittstown, NJ

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