Aldi Curbside Pickup Review: Pretty good! {VLOG}

Aldi Curbside Pickup Review: Pretty good! {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we talk about one of our favorite supermarkets – ALDI Food Market. And the fact that they recently employed a delivery and curbside pickup system for their stores.

We hadn’t visited an ALDI since the “crisis” began. For reasons that are our own – not anyone else’s.

However, back in September, we just wanted to “check” their website to see if they started modifying their business to “keep up with the times.” And lo behold, they offered an Instacart method of buying their products.

We were initially concerned that much of what they sold would be hard to order online. But it was surprisingly easy and almost every single item was fulfilled!

The system quite honestly was even better than the in-house program that Shoprite Supermarkets use. We had never used Instacart before (yeah, we’re Luddites), so it was surprisingly positive for us.

The ALDI of Phillipsburg, NJ offered free pickup – which is nice. Saving a few bucks for pickup is a good thing. Another ALDI in Flemington, NJ did not appear to offer this service when we tried them. That may change going forward.

All in all – this was great news for us. Because several of our “go-to” products were acquired at ADLI.

In particular – we like their instant coffee, affordable heavy cream and cheese, decent paper towels, and budget-friendly baby products.

And we’re happy to once again be able to have access to their offerings without having to demean ourselves and mill around with face diapers on. Thank God!

We will certainly be making regular use of the ALDI Curbside Pickup for as long as this horrific crisis exists.

How about anyone else? If you haven’t tried it – we highly recommend it.

Have a great day!

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