The various Rite Aid stores (for us at least) are simply “convenience stores.”

Since we’re in good health – we don’t need (or want) a pharmacy, or any of the other “remedies” they sell. We don’t get gas, have no body pain, never get headaches, and so on.

Most of the other items they sell (like food or drink) is generally considered the worst possible food you can eat. We do stock up on the Jack Links jerky when they have a BOGO sale (Jalapeno rocks!)

Rite Aid can come in handy for greeting cards, baby formula, and consumables from time to time, though. We have been enjoying our 20% discount for several years, so it makes shopping there somewhat of a “win” when you think about it.

Cheap summer stuff for even cheaper!

Get cheap summer stuff – and what it really should be priced at!

But they have this seasonal aisle in each store. It’s pretty much filled with low-quality crap that is made in China.

You know, Halloween trinkets, Christmas decorations, etcetera.

Right now they have a full selection of summer stuff you can pick up at 75% off. That’s a fair deal in our opinion, and should be the maximum you should pay for what amounts to disposable, poorly made merchandise. I feel bad for anyone who ever paid full price for any of this stuff.

However, some of these things could come in handy if you have to entertain your kids for a few minutes before the toy breaks and they start crying again. Anything is helpful – even if it is short-lived.

And for those who still enjoy charcoal BBQ’s, the Kingsford bags are also 75% off. $2 or so for a bag is even cheaper than Walmart (which was about $5.50 the last we checked).

One good mindset to have is to plan ahead for next year, by buying what you might be able to use in the future – NOW – for a lot cheaper. So head over to the Rite Aid “convenience” store and see what you can score! You never know, right?

Cheap summer stuff for even cheaper!


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Cheap summer stuff for even cheaper!
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