Why no low carb sections at Supermarkets? {Keto doesn’t count}

Written by NJroute22

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we have a simple question that seems odd – “why don’t supermarkets have low-carb or keto sections like they do for gluten-free or vegans?”

Well – we think the main reasons are money ($$$).

One, because the low-carb movement is still “low turnout.”

And two, because if everyone went low-carb (or better yet Carnivore) – the supermarket industry would be decimated. Multiple aisles would disappear. Bread. Pasta. Chips. Bakeries. Cereals. 90% of the garbage they sell at supermarkets to this day.

What would be left of supermarkets if that was the case? Shoprite would be in ruins! Butchers would be the king of the hill!

One can only wish.

PS – many people who have tried both the keto and paleo diets – have found superior results by going carnivore. Just saying!

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