9 awesome habits for the New Year {and a clear mind!}

Today’s NJroute22.com VLOG is a list of 9 Awesome Habits for the New year – for a clear mind – and much more.

9 awesome habits for the New Year {and a clear mind!}

  1. Avoid Mainstream News and politics (but keep a pulse – you can do that by scanning headlines via RSS reader). Find alternative sites that seek truth – not swaying public opinion or selling pharmaceuticals.
  2. Go Carnivore (or if you can’t fathom carnivore – at least strive for low-carb – reducing sugar/carb consumption should be at the top of the list.)
  3. Question everything. Diet. Laws. Social happenings. Events. Etc. There is always a dotted line to who benefits – some more hidden than others (cui bono?)
  4. Reduce Phone usage (especially social media – particularly in public! Paying attention is paramount!)
  5. Cut the cord on Television (mind programming – all of it). We know movies and TV are fun and entertaining. But besides satisfying your own ego for pleasure – ask yourself what you did not accomplish in the process?
  6. Read, read, read! Books are more valuable today than ever. Helpful also to dabble in some authors who might have been shunned in days past. We’re finding out that others may have been threatened by their wisdom… fascinating.
  7. Practicality (DIY) & Frugalness (challenge yourself – “do I really need?”) – valuable skills to combat the “consumerism” virus that affects millions.
  8. Observe Society – much can be learned from long-term observation. Much of it “between the lines.”
  9. Toxic people – You know who they are. And not just people who disagree with you, or who like different things. Some can be hard to solve, depending on the complexity. Plus, narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths are difficult creatures to coexist with. Most times, the only solution is complete separation.

Some of the items on our list can have profound effects. In particular, the phone usage. By not “checking” your phone non-stop – it allows your mind to literally act more naturally – and less “reactively.” Having stuff pummeled into your consciousness continually is most certainly bad. Especially when it’s “programmed!” We’ll probably hear about the detrimental effects 20 years from now.

But all of our 9 suggestions have benefits. Improved life for you. (We could have listed 100’s – but picked just some of the major ones.)

Enjoy your new calendar year!

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