NJ Supermarket and Retail News Feb. 2020 {VLOG}

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we point out a few Supermarket and Retail notables.

  • Zero Net Carb breads available at ShopRite Supermarkets. But are they even worth bothering with?
  • Getting back to basics. Slider bags are crap these days. Go back to the Zipper bags. Walmart has the best deals.
  • Asian Food Markets have some great reasons to visit. Super hard-to-find instant coffees that taste better than the best coffee bars and more.
  • What’s with the excessive food/movie marketing?
  • Lastly – a sneak preview of the best paper towels you can buy (and cheaper than Bounty too!)

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NJroute22 (site admin) is an avid traveler along NJ Route 22 (and almost all of central New Jersey!) Family man, pet lover, and property owner who has a natural curiosity for everything around.