Top 5 Low-carb, Carnivore realizations over the past decade {VLOG}

We’ve been “low carb” for the most part for almost 10 years.

And believe it or not – the learning experience wasn’t an instant revelation where you just “got it,” and understood it all. Not even close.

It was quite a roller coaster, in fact. A constantly-changing experience.

Hundreds of books, websites, videos, and more. So much information to digest. So many experiments, with much trial and error.

Time, repetition, and observation are also required beyond reading – for us at least. Perhaps as the collective consensus grows – all the pioneering books and information will be archaic, yet still valuable for understanding the history of this health revolution.

Today’s VLOG touches on the 5 most important realizations we live by today, as “mature” low-carb (carnivore) people.

Top 5 Low-carb, Carnivore realizations over the past decade

  1. Never raise your blood sugar levels. Without a doubt the single most important thing to do. Failing this aspect of the low-carb, keto, or carnivore regimen is guaranteed failure. Fact.
  2. “Low Glycemic” fruits or veggies don’t really work well either. We did salads and low GI fruits for a long time. Didn’t put 2+2 to realize they caused us digestive issues – as well as elevated our blood sugar levels just enough to prevent ketosis. We didn’t become fatties, but we were stuck at a plateau for way too long for comfort.
  3. Alternative “guilty pleasures.” We’ve noticed most low-carb publications still peddle ways to “enjoy” food like we did in the past – but without the supposed “infractions.” Pizza, bread, and sweets are the main characters. We have found that trying to hang on to those old moments is like trying to keep (or replace) an EX-partner. Never works. The best way to ensure success – is to realize that any sweet or carby pleasure you had in the past – should be memory-holed out of your life.
  4. Added flavor is unnecessary. Specifically “spices.” As you’ve found success eating an ultra-simple diet (say just meat, eggs, cheese, and salt), you discover that complex spices and other flavors (especially hot spice) can throw you off. You begin to understand the messages your body sends – and realize that they may not be good to ingest. While we all loved sophisticated dishes from around the world. – they were part of the problem. By eating quality meats alone – you actually begin to enjoy the flavor of the meat itself – without the doctoring. Your taste buds become sensitive. A good thing to achieve.
  5. Some “meats” become undesirable. For us being carnivore – we’ve come to notice a profound difference between the meats. Sadly for us – chicken has lost. We just feel a bit funny eating it. And we did the higher-fat pieces too, like thighs and drums. Today, the only meats that don’t throw us off are beef and pork.

That’s about it. We forgot to mention that we hope to one day limit our alcohol consumption, as it most likely is impeding our progress.

But the bottom line is as simple as it gets. Food doesn’t need to be the focus of your life – but eating right should.

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