Why is the world going nuts?

Why is the world going nuts?
Written by NJroute22

Why is the world going nuts?

We have several theories as to why the world is going nuts (apparently).

So much is happening at the present time. Medical events and social disruption appear to be the main players.

Is “too much information” driving people nuts?

But we wonder how “real-time communications” plays a role.

For instance:

  • Why didn’t such global hysteria happen 20 or more years ago? Even the “cold war” never resulted in such panic.
  • With all the “smarts” and “technology” we have, how can such a conundrum even be possible?
  • Or is that the reason why?
  • Do we have too many different viewpoints with absolutely zero proofs? Is everyone just forming their opinions based on illogical or emotional foundations? Is that an efficient way to divide a populace?
  • What role does technology (and social platforms) play?
  • Why does it appear more rational people are more grounded and conservative than psychotic people?

The bottom line is – does what you see “outside” match what you see via your online devices? Have you ever tried just looking around to see if that is enough evidence for you?

Big questions – and little feedback – because most people are literally cattle or sheep.

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