The Death of the Holland Grill Part 2 {VLOG}

Written by NJroute22

The Death of the Holland Grill Part 2 {VLOG}

Last week we shared some relatively bad news that our favorite grill company – The Holland Grill – had gone out of business – about a year ago!

It’s just terrible that a good American company can fold – because they make such great products. Most people who own Holland Grills get several decades of use out of them.

Compare that to any grill you buy at retail these days – and you’re lucky to get ONE summer season out of them.

But we were profoundly lucky last month.

Our current Holland Grill (The Freedom) was working perfectly fine. Except for one thing.

It was exposed on three sides – and our stupid dogs could not help destroying and devouring the “grease bucket” each and every time we grilled.

So we wanted to “upgrade” (which is when we found out about their demise.)

We wanted the Epic or Apex models – which had enclosed cabinets.

After calling all over the country (over 100 places) we nearly gave up. But then we called the place we bought it (Moninghoff’s in Milford, NJ).


We quickly bought it – and may very well be the last customer ever of a new Holland Grill.

Regardless – we love our decision, as there are a couple unforeseen benefits with the new (we assume 2019) model compared to our older 2013 model.

1. The drippings pan is profoundly improved. Flat/curved instead of ridged with a channel down the middle. Makes cleanup 100x easier.

2. The grill seems to be a bit hotter (by about 50-75 degrees.

3. The wood-chip smoking tray is built into the front (no more fiddling).

And several other “upgrades.

Note: Phoenix Grills are almost the same
In case you’re wondering – there is a company out there called Phoenix Grills. Their “outdoor ovens” are essentially the same when it comes to cooking.

The only difference is the bases – and they currently offering NO models with the protected base (for people with jerky dogs like we have).

But for those without dogs – we highly recommend this kind of “no flare-up” cooking. Takes a while to appreciate – but once you do, there is almost NO going back to the old way.

Enjoy your day!

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