Why COVID-19 lockdown doesn’t affect everyone in NJ {the same way}

Hey there NJroute22.com here with a bit of (what we feel is) an obligatory post about the current COVID-19 “pandemic” affecting the world.

We don’t live in a densely-populated area, so we feel our family and canines are okay.

For whatever reasons – we’re being particularly protective of our young ones, despite the talking points that kids are not affected.

Whatever the TRUE source and origin of this current hysteria is, we feel that it’s best to err on the side of caution at the moment.

What is the worst that can happen other than going out of your mind?

Why COVID-19 lockdown doesn't affect everyone in NJ

Our real concerns about COVID-19 in New Jersey

Frankly, we are not overly worried about becoming “sick.” But we have other concerns which are related to what is happening to society as a whole.

  • Supply chain issues. Everyone needs “stuff.” While much of it is available online, those sources are not guaranteed in the future. You have kids to feed! Have you tried getting groceries online in NJ? Not easy if you want to avoid going to the store.
  • Social unrest. We hope that the recent “lockdowns” are handled well by level-headed residents. However, any disruption can cause widespread issues. We just hope this is well under control and those kinds of “riots” or other dystopian fantasies don’t take place.
  • Long-term suppression. It would totally suck if “the world as we knew it” was on hold for an extended period (longer than two months). Because in reality – that is life-changing. Imagine if it was this way FOREVER? Especially since other parroting media outlets are already talking about future crap like “2-4 virus strain mutations” and time-frames into the 2022’s. It seems odd that they are peddling such dreary future outcomes without any real evidence.
  • Future change in society. We foresee that this latest “panic” will cause nearly everyone to become paranoid and afraid of the world. And more importantly, other people. Human interaction is crucial at a personal level. If we all go “digital” and remote – that is going to have a major impact on humanity. You may not believe us today – but future historians 100 years from now will say we were correct.
  • Future change in local and broader “governance.” This is also a big deal. What if this current crisis causes major changes in “law” as you know it. Like the “Patriot Act” after 9/11, but 100x worse and more controlling? It’s not paranoid to think that whatsoever.

Preppers and those who simplify have minimal issues in NJ

“Preppers” and other self-sufficient individuals in NJ and beyond often get “mocked” for being paranoid or otherwise. You know like Chicken Little and the sky is falling or whatever.

But these days – everyone wishes they thought ahead, right?

Same with those who have chosen more minimalistic lifestyles. Living with less. Needing less. Wanting less. The fewer requirements you have, the fewer problems you encounter if “SHTF.”

In the end – we hope this whole thing just fizzles out. While we’re certain the hysteria will probably only get worse over the next week or two (due to more “tests” being taken), we somehow have this hunch that it will not be a big deal. Especially since warmer weather is coming to this hemisphere shortly.

The last thing we need is for “annual pandemics.” Because that would suck royally.

Stay well!

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