When NJroute22.com first launched in March, one of our first photography/opinion posts was about Political People, and the signs they use to project their affiliations and feelings.

We pointed out an area resident who truly went a bit over the top when it came to their political beliefs. Like they felt they were going to change the world by echoing their sentiments for everyone to see. They were a “fringe case,” but still important to note for the record.

However, there are two particular signs that stand out as of late. You certainly have seen one, but have you seen both?

Hate and Love – trigger words for signs!

The most noticeable sign in recent memory is the “Hate Has No Home Here” version.

And a more recent rebuttal to that sign is the “Love Lives Here” version.

They’re obviously in competition with one another and can clearly identify the individual’s political affiliation (i.e., left or right). Let’s analyze both.

Hate Has No Home Here – What does that mean exactly?

Upon first glance, the “Hate” sign seems to be all welcoming. Sort of like those people who stood by various borders saying “refugees welcome.” They even list multiple languages. I’ve seen as few as three, and as many as eight different languages.

This is where I stop understanding the purpose of this sign.

hate has no home here NJ hunterdon county

  • Is it to “project” to certain “refugees” that those people living there i.e., “support” refugees? Or open borders without control mechanisms?
  • Is it a sign begging criminal “refugees” NOT to kill or maim those people for food and money?
  • Do those people posting those signs think it’s the equivalent of a “PBA card” when you get pulled over?

What exactly are they trying to project? And why? To associate with other politically like-minded people? Doesn’t that just alienate those who are not aligned perfectly with you politically? Am I the only one that knows it makes sense to keep mum about certain divisive subjects?

(PS – I’m not criticizing their message per se, but the way they go about propagating it. Doesn’t seem to have any bonafide upsides…)

Love Lives Here – For the conservatives

I’ve noticed these signs only recently – and especially in more rural areas of NJroute22.com. The only version of the sign I’ve seen reads as follows:

“Love Lives Here. (curved text). Love of GOD – FAMILY – FRIENDS – COUNTRY – COMMUNITY – & THE U.S. CONSTITUTION.”

love lives here NJ hunterdon county

Frankly, there is not much to say “wrong” about that sign. Other than the country, constitution part – as that implies that one small body of privileged people essentially have control over the masses. But that is just food for thought. The concept of “country” is multi-faceted and can illicit countless hours of debate if you deconstruct what it fundamentally really means. A story for another day, though.

Taking out the questionable words – this sign does drill down to the basics. Take care of your family, friends, and community and that is the most important. Those are the cornerstones of life really. Not foreigners from halfway across the world.

100 years ago, there was very little “mass migration” even possible. Thanks to the Industrial Revolution and all the technological advances that have rapidly invaded our society – we now have NEW problems never before dealt with. Without serious vetting!

Some say new technologies and advancements are good. And we might agree with that concept some of the time. But what almost no one can do – is predict what happens in the future. Travel, communications, and all the other “in the now” technologies have created a whirlwind of problems that we, as humanity, are not prepared to handle, in our opinion. Change is happening so rapidly, that hardly anyone is truly studying the impacts short and long-term!

This is why “moratoriums” have proven to be successful in the past. If you realize a problem – and can identify at least one source of that problem – you take measures to quell the major parts – while you figure out how to fix it. Akin to a pipe leaking (shut the valve off), or border problems (build an impenetrable wall, etc.)

Critical Questions (for both sides)

  • For those that say “Hate Has No Home,” how do you explain why certain EU nations actually have “NO GO ZONES” for their own citizens? You know, places they will almost certainly get hurt, raped, or even killed? How do you address that conundrum? When it’s easy to pinpoint the cause?
  • And for those that say “Love Lives Here,” (and your love for “country”) how do you explain why countless politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists manipulate the world you live in without repercussion? Why there are a handful of mega-corporations stifling the small business owners?

The far ends of the spectrum certainly can not, and will not address those fundamental and logical questions we ask. They’re too firmly entrenched in their beliefs.

There has to be a better way to unify our people. But that subject is extremely complicated and requires extensive attention spans. Great thinkers of the past – are literally far and few between these days.

(By the way, “Google” each of the phrases. You’ll find 1000’s of links to the “Hate Has No Home” sign, and NEARLY NONE for the “Love Lives Here” sign. What does that tell you?)

If you have common sense – you never install ANY sign

Regardless if you’re left, right, middle, blue, red, or fuscia – it is in EVERYONE’S best interest to NEVER publicly display your (what amounts to) “identity.” Because while it may provide SOME benefits short term – you will certainly be adding negative benefits LONG-TERM as well.

You’ll be targeted or shunned in some way or another.

Your “line in the sand” will most likely NOT be forgotten by those who have chosen to label and catalog you as someone they’ll never associate with.

It’s best to treat life like a hand of poker. Keep that stuff private. How hard can that be? Why do so many people feel the need to “PROJECT” so adamently?

A handy survival tactic is to keep almost everything to yourself. Except for common sense and critical-thinking stuff like this. Haha!

By the way, if you read this far – you can probably determine that we’re of the “common sense” demographic. As well as the “critical thinking,” and somewhat cynical mindset. It’s something that happened to a select group of humans born in a certain time-frame of America. I can spot them in a crowd, by the way.

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