Restless Leg Syndrome – A byproduct of high carbs? {VLOG}

Restless Leg Syndrome – A byproduct of high carbs? {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we talk about our experiences with what they call “restless leg syndrome.”

RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) is uncomfortable and frustrating

For starters here – we do NOT currently suffer from this relatively recent condition known by most to be called “restless leg syndrome.”

However, it’s quite possible we DID at one point suffer from this so-called “problem.”

We feel it’s sensible to question whether this “RLS” is a bonafide medical diagnosis – or just a byproduct of something else. (Such as a way to profit from the ignorance of the masses.)

Back in the day, we used to be the super high carb lifestyle. Seriously. Many pizza pies a week, along with all the other “SAD” (Standard American Diet) based foods. Sandwiches. Chips. Cookies.

Junk, in other words.

And when we laid down to sleep each night (at our most obese state of being), our legs would be OUT OF CONTROL.

Those were some of the most uncomfortable moments in our life. I could not sit still even when I wasn’t trying to sleep. We had the “bouncing knee” affliction.

I’d bang my legs, knees, and ankles together for several hours before falling asleep each night. It was not quite a “tickle” feeling but almost as if we had something deep inside our veins crawling up like the spider in the kid’s nursery rhyme. You could NOT alleviate it whatsoever. Even massages did not help.

Those issues have been non-existent since we went low carb over a decade ago.

Is it a coincidence? Or was the correlation accurate that high carbs cause this condition?

And more importantly – did they “invent” an illness knowing full well what caused it? (we think that is the case.)

Overweight? Carbs? Or even just wheat?

To be fair – we wouldn’t rule out any particular (real) reason for the cause of such a bothersome condition. But we’d put our money on one (or more) of three possible reasons.

  • Being overweight in general
  • Excess carbohydrates
  • And even just GMO wheat!

Our money is on just the blood sugar levels. If you’ve watched how a child acts when they consume carbs – you know for certain that it was without a doubt the foods they’ve consumed.

And watching them squirm when you’re trying to put them to bed – makes you feel horrible. They shouldn’t be so physically uncomfortable. It pains me to allow it at any capacity. Unfortunately – I am only one-half of my children’s parents.

The reason we choose just carbs as the primary cause in general – because that covers the other two points as well. Those who are overweight likely consume too many carbs, including the garbage GMO wheat.

More proof – what happens to us when we DO eat any carbs at all

Like any human – we are not perfect.

We sometimes make mistakes. Such as eating anything with carbs or wheat.

I can tell you with sincerity – that whenever we eat ANYTHING that is higher in carbs (especially grain-based), we start getting a bit “RLS” with hints of Restless Leg Syndrome.

Even just a handful of popcorn can do it to us.

Nowhere near what it was in the past – but we can undoubtedly “feel” something. That leads us to believe there has to be some connection.

(Note: That also helps fortify our resolve to avoid all carbs…)

Maybe we’re wrong

Like the saying goes “correlation is not causation,” we cannot be certain that getting into shape and eliminating carbs is the true answer for eradicating Restless Leg Syndrome.

But we’d certainly like to see what other people have to say.

You can bet that in NO WAY would the mainstream medical industry want to remove this bogus condition from their list of reasons to peddle more pharmaceuticals.

Don’t take drugs

Our final point is, that if you do suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome (and most other conditions), always try the natural way to solve them. Taking pharma drugs is a bad option.

Not only do they make those corrupt companies even richer and more powerful – they brainwash the general public into thinking “there’s a pill for everything.”

Good health does NOT come in pill form.

We’d suggest anyone with RLS to at least TRY living carnivore for just a couple months. And of course, drop the blubbery exterior and get healthy first before crying to your ridiculous doctor and popping pills as if they came from a PEZ dispenser.

Does anyone else suffer from this? Have you also seen differences when your health improved?

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