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Natural Awakenings Magazine (ad book)

Today, we take our first look at the Natural Awakenings magazine/ad book that finds itself for easy consumption at many outlets across the area.

I’ll briefly recap what we talk about in the above video.

For starters, we appreciate and enjoy this ad book/magazine. This post is not directed at the publication per se. We’re fascinated by the curated content – and wish to discuss it.

We have, however, provided some constructive criticism. We criticize ourselves non-stop and are far from perfect – so this is fair game.

We talk about how, depending on how close you are to the polarizing ends of the opinion spectrum you are, how it (your health) affects your thinking. So naturally, this magazine/ad-book has a highly targeted audience, right?

Even positive-sounding topics like healthy alternatives can be infected by bad people and objectives.

Just because it looks good on paper, doesn’t mean it is always good. A truly healthy practice is to “question everything!”

How emotion plays a HUGE role in marketing and everything else

Lots of trigger words: Wellness, Holistic, Happy, Organic, Healthy, and so on – which blur the reality of what is truly “good for you.” Remember, just because the word is relatively positive, doesn’t guarantee positive outcomes. There is so much emotional and psychological trickery going on in our world. A handy knee-jerk reaction to have in almost all circumstances – is “CUI BONO?” Which means WHO BENEFITS from this, that, or the other thing.

And more often than not – money, fame, success, power, and control – are the top denominators. Who is benefiting from it?

When you look at books (or even publications like this) you have to ask – why are they doing it? Most, if not all of the time it is to make some kind of financial profit. And in some rare cases, just to “spread the word.” And each niche has an audience and a monetary value, am I not correct?

(Note that the videos we have created so far have been entirely unscripted and minimally edited. Probably not in line with how every top-ranking YouTube video works – but we’re just starting. Our methodology is certainly open to change. We’ll probably have to add and subtract things relatively quickly. We tinker, adjust, fail, and succeed as everyone else.)

I could go on and on, about how that book about “clean environment” you just bought was shipped via 737 burning jet fuel, or the UPS truck spewing out diesel fumes or even the drone delivery that mined LithionIon from the earth – but that’s just a story for another day.

This 20-minute segment is us just having a conversation, so to say. Our own one-person talk show. We’re not really trying to dictate much at all (other than some obvious misnomers about good and bad things).

Just an honest look at the “information” that exists for our purview out there. And our opinions on them.

If you’re new – and stumbled upon this – thank you for visiting. Look for all sorts of social icons peppered across this site if you want to connect or subscribe. We’re still sorting out the details as to our ultimate direction and focus, but please join us as we figure it out. Glad to have anyone on board with what this experiment will turn out to be!


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