Walmart Tidbits – December 2019 {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we talk about:

$10 Engagement Rings at Walmart

$10 engagement rings at Walmart. While part of us thinks this is funny – a growing part of us sees no foul. Real love doesn’t have a price, and it shouldn’t matter the cost of anything. Society has been brainwashed for too long to assign a superficial level to love. $100k engagement rings don’t accomplish anything, really. What is the divorce rate these days ? 60%?

Walmart Robotic Inventory Scanner

Amazed. They have a robotic inventory scanner (which perhaps also spies on customers?) that did the work normal stock people did just a few years ago. Now – because of decreased attention to detail and overall laziness – robots have the job. And from what we found out from employees – they HATE that the robot “gives them things to do, like stock shelves.”
Talk about the bare minimum effort?

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