We were little “pyromaniacs” as kids. We loved playing with fire. What little boys don’t?

Lighting little things ablaze. Playing with matches. Sometimes even fall leaves. It certainly wasn’t a “safe” hobby – but we’re still here decades later. All appendages intact. Nothing burned to the ground.

One of our favorite flaming pastimes (not what it sounds), was FIREWORKS.

They way we bought fireworks was akin to how people bought dime bags of weed a long time ago. From some sketchy character in the neighborhood. (We grew up less than 3 miles from NYC – so it was easy).

I recall firecrackers being 25 cents a pack. Boy were they fun. We felt like we hit the lottery when we had enough money for a “Mat” of firecrackers.

We also like jumping jacks as well as the standard bottle rockets.

Never had the joy of playing with “M-80’s,” but we recall the older kids in the ‘hood lighting them off frequently (including my older sibling).

Then, every now and then – you’d hear the mother of them all – the “Blockbuster.” Those were significantly louder than M-80’s. Not sure you can get those mega firecrackers anymore.

I don’t remember anyone losing an piece of their body ever. It was just kids being kids. Part of growing up. Not sure they even make those caliber of fireworks anymore. Everything has been “nannied down.”

Are fireworks all that bad?

Yep. Fireworks at WallyWorld.

(some) Fireworks legal in NJ

Recently – low-grade fireworks became “legal” in NJ.

You can get them at ShopRite and Walmart!

(Oh, here’s what happens when some bonehead lights them off in the store… kind of hilarious the mayhem that is one “flick of a Bic” away…)

They may not be able to blow your hand off – but they can burn the living daylights out of you – or even turn your house (or store) into ashes if not handled properly.

Are fireworks all that bad?

A few sparks and some crackles and smoke. Then it’s over.

But are fireworks so bad?

So the issue is – is there anything wrong with kids (of all ages) setting off fireworks in the neighborhood?

Especially if done carefully?

Some folks think they’re useless and dangerous.

Others wonder why the state put a lot of people at risk – just for the tax revenue they need to fleece out of people.

It’s not like people wouldn’t drive to PA to get them anyway. NJ just wanted their piece of the pie.

But is it that bad? Just a little pyro fun?

It used to be a part of growing up – just some casual fun and games. With a hint of danger. Heck – we picked up some low-grade stuff recently – and they’re a lot safer than we remember.

Especially the fuses. They’re all the “Green” kind – that burn predictably and slow. Back in my youth, the fuses were paper and gunpowder. Sometimes they burned in less than half a second! I had a firecracker explode in my hand as a kid. Nothing bad happened, just a little “numb.”

I just wonder why some people are uptight about it. The people in China have no problem at all! And they’re over a billion strong! What does that tell you?

Are fireworks all that bad?

Isn’t it supposed to be patriotic, even though they’re all made in China?

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