Vultures at the bank in NJ

We saw this scene at a Chase bank over in Clinton, NJ the other day.

A bunch of vultures on top! Just hanging out.

It kind of fits the feeling a lot more people are getting these days in regard to the whole financial system. It’s as if the proverbial Vultures know something.

Like everyone that goes to the bank is potential prey.

A sign from above?

Seeing those creatures made me wonder.

There were many more on top – but we didn’t bring our drone (which probably would have scared some of them away).

Is this a “sign from above?” As in – maybe we all need to collectively adjust something (or some things) in our lives? Perhaps the monetary system and all the evil that comes with it?

We’re not sure – but there has to be a reason these birds have a big history in books and other stories.

Perhaps they’re smarter than we give them credit for? Or like most animals – can “sense” when the opportunity is ripe.

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