One of the worst facets of this God-awful “thing” that has happened across the globe in 2020 – is the new phrase called “social distancing.”

Ultimate Social Distancing in New Jersey

We’re sorry if anyone has bought into this new-fangled fear tactic – but do what makes you feel right. Eventually, you’ll start seeing the truth for what it is. But we won’t delve into iron-clad specifics today. It’s up to the individual to become aware of their surroundings (on their own) before they realize what is really going on.

However, I found this scene I spotted last week over in Clinton, NJ quite relevant.

The truly “ULTIMATE” way you can “social distance” from anyone: UP IN THE AIR, FOCKERS!

A lot of beautiful hot air balloons can be spotted in the warmer months in western New Jersey. From what I recall – they go up in particular hours each day. Typically during the early morning hours (6am) and early evening (6pm). Those are times where the wind thermals (or whatever you call them) are most conducive for balloon flights.

I wonder when bone-headed politicians will make masks mandatory for people in balloons. It’d be hilarious to see how they could possibly enforce them. Drones?

We live in a truly screwed up world, people.

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