Human Obedience Training in NJ

Does anyone in NJ and beyond look at human behavior? Especially over the years?

The little things people “accept” into their lives. Like a slow drip. Or one would say “the boiling of the frog” as well.

It could be seat belt laws.

Or recycling laws (“in the name of saving the planet” as George Carlin would say.)

For example, we noticed this on a garbage can in our garage. See these God-forsaken “rules?” Do this, do that, and DO NOT DO THAT! These almost “hall monitor” like rules have been creeping up for a long while.

Then comes face diaper laws. You all know about the face diapers, right? LOL!

Everyone seems to accept – not realizing that these little steps are essentially human obedience training rituals. Works especially well when there is also “mob rule” and “public shaming” to aid TPTB in achieving their goals.

Did you see how kids are treated at school these days? This is ABSOLUTE TORTURE – and we will NEVER subject ANY of our children to this. Not today. Not ever.

Please wake up!

If anyone still has common sense or self-awareness – please share with others. Reach out to us as well. We need to build resistance to this social warfare. Today.

It’s a shame hardly anyone can “connect the dots” to see the trend over the past many decades.

We pray for the children of the future.

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