Why are masks littering the NJ landscape? Where are the biohazard containers?

A more suitable headline would be “what’s being done about the lemmings who follow mainstream scare-media, and propagate lies – but still throw their masks on the ground?”

A. We don’t care – Because we’re not scared of this.
B. However, there is some hypocrisy going on across the board. Let’s discuss:

  • You see – most people have the belief that these masks are germ barriers, and everyone should believe that everyone else HAS this (not so) deadly “disease.”
  • That means that (if you believe the hype), that these masks that are everywhere – quite possibly have GERMS crawling all over them! WHAT IF A CHILD TOUCHES THESE MASKS? OH THE HUMANITY!
  • Why aren’t local politicians figuring out ways to stop the spread of germs like that so recklessly? Where are their biohazard containers?

We could go on. But as you can see – each ridiculous act that follows another ridiculous act – leaves more ridiculous predicaments.

In no way do we condone any of this – especially the mask-wearing. What we’re pointing out here is that “IF” they want to continue this racket, then they MUST consider all the ramifications that come along with it. If they DO NOT “legislate” more nonsensical laws that come with the by-products of the MASS POPULOUS wearing masks such as the “germ-filled litter,” then, well, those politicians are a complete FRAUD.

Oh, wait. They were almost all criminals all along, scary crisis or not.

Hurry up, Election Day!

Why are masks littering the NJ landscape?

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