Kids in cars belong in car seats

kids in cars belong in car seats NJ route 78-1
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Kids in cars belong in car seats

As part of our series about signs – here’s one that might grab your attention.

This one happens to be on NJ Route 78 – just to the north of Route 22.

They NJ Highway Authority has installed hundreds, if not thousands of message boards across the state. Each day or week they have rotating “Public Service Announcements” (or PSA’s) indicating that human beings should use common sense in their daily lives.

What a colossal waste of money.

One – those that utilize common sense, do so without the “help” of any government entity.

The rest of the dumbed-down population will not be positively affected by such messages. They’ll just see them (most likely not even reading them), and shrug their shoulders in confusion. Or possibly even be bothered by them, because they distracted them from looking at their social media cat photos. Holy moly, we’re in a downward spiral these days! Please help!


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