Do you need energy drinks? Which are best? {VLOG}

Do you need energy drinks? Which are best? {VLOG}

No one needs “energy drinks” in our opinion. A proper diet should always give you all the energy you need.

But what if you had a bad night’s sleep and need a pick me up?

We’d recommend only black tea or coffee (black or with heavy cream only). Unsweetened of course.

However, energy drinks are a massive industry, and a majority of people drink them!

What energy drinks should I use?

Again, as we said – the best ones are coffee or tea. But if you INSIST…

Always pick ones with as few carbohydrates as possible. They are far and few between.

And if you can – try to avoid any sweetener whatsoever.

A few we found that were “okay,” were RUNA Clean Energy Drinks and Limitless Lightly Caffeinated sparkling waters.

But something about these processed drinks didn’t sit well with us – and we’ll probably never try them again. If anything, we might use them as drink mixers.

Best bet is always a good amount of sleep, a solid low-carb diet along with plenty of water. Tea and coffee as needed!

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