Lenovo Smart Clock Review – Is it useful? {VLOG}

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we check out some “technology,” called the Lenovo Smart Clock.

Lenovo Smart Clock Review – Is it useful? {VLOG}

Against our better judgment – we now have a “smart” device again. It’s the LENOVO SMART CLOCK.

We got it because it came “Free” with a tablet we needed. Scored a tremendous deal. So, what the heck, let us try it.

This little clock comes with Google Assistant built-in. People who have been religiously using these devices for years – have probably incorporated many features of them into their lives. We have not. We have purposely avoided things like this – as we know what happens, and it is a slippery slop.

  • You can ask the weather (useless).
  • Check your calendar (if you have one)
  • Find recipes (if you are a horrible cook)
  • Listen to music (we hate streaming services) – AND SO ON.

We found very few things that were (somewhat) useful.

  • Shopping lists. We found this helpful. By adding items to any of our android devices – it creates a centrally located list. Not bad at all.
  • Phone calls. Amazingly, this device can call anyone in your contacts. Could be helpful if you have “fallen, and I can’t get up!” (you can TEXT too)

That is about all we have found a use for at the moment.

It appears the services are entertaining for the most part. And other “IOT” (internet of things) devices like smart light bulbs, fitness watches, and more A connected digital assistant that talks to you.

We are not big fans of anything automated – because it is not worth the headache. We cannot remember a time where we said: “Damn, wish we had the home automation system” (i.e., we forgot to turn the air conditioner on.) You just learn to live with a few hiccups, discomforts, and imperfections – instead of being obsessed with being perfect and covering all your bases ALL OF THE TIME.

But most of the features they have – like checking stock prices, hearing fake news stories, or bad music, and useless movie times – feel weak and unnecessary to us. Almost all the other features can quickly be found using a browser, if necessary.

The obsessive nature of people constantly “CHECKING” things is a bit of a pandemic on its own. A first-world mental pandemic.

And having your smart display READ YOUR CHILD A STORY? Are you kidding me? If we must explain why…

While we will probably keep it for shits and giggles – life is better when it is a lot simpler.


We will stick to doing things the “old fashioned” way until we physically no longer can.

DO you have any incredibly useful things this wacky assistant can do?

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