Pros and Cons of Autumn in New Jersey {VLOG}

Pros and Cons of Autumn in New Jersey {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we’re going to talk about the good and the bad (some say pros and cons) of the four seasons in New Jersey. The same applies to any area with a similar kind of climate. Warm summers, and relatively cold winters with snow, etc.

We’ll kick off this quarterly video series today – because Fall just recently started.

Pros of Autumn (Fall) in NJ

The good things about Fall are:

  • Beautiful and colorful foliage
  • Manageable temperatures
  • Fewer bugs (a big plus for us!)
  • Wind down the weekly landscaping
  • Lower utility bills (air conditioning)
  • (We would have added “less shore traffic on weekends,” but that really wasn’t a problem in 2020.)

Cons of Autumn (Fall) in NJ

The not-so-good things about Fall are:

  • Nice foliage means big cleanups for many residents
  • Bipolar closets – shorts one day – jeans and jackets the next. Can’t put away summer clothes just yet. Less eye candy too!
  • Political signs that litter the landscape – and don’t go away after election day.
  • Less daylight – can start getting depressing for some with Seasonal affective disorder.
  • Christmas themes start way too early – although that may not bother some people who avoid stores because of the crisis.
  • And dum, dum, dum, dum, DUM… The start of the annual FLU season. This year will be hard to handle for many!

So that’s it – our brief list of the pros and cons of Autumn in New Jersey. Do you have any you can add?

Have a great day!

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