5 ways “Coronavirus” made us even more practical!

We were always practical people. But never 100% perfect in that regard. This whole coronavirus situation made even better.

What are some ways we improved?

1. Better ways to store our food

We always used to use plastic zipper bags for various food items – such as leftovers or cheeses, etc.

While a good way to keep food fresh in the fridge – it certainly was an ongoing expense. Easy? Sure. But not ideal.

Since getting supplies you didn’t stock up on was getting difficult, we decided to change our method.

Now we use those Pyrex or similar glass storage containers for leftovers and cheeses. While not air-tight – they keep food just fine. We just have to clean them, which is an expense that is much less than buying bags every single month.

Note that bags will always be used (for travel or lunch bags)- just not nearly at the rate previously. Probably a 90% reduction!

2. More in tune with prepping

Obviously – this most recent panic caused people to – uh – panic. And realize that “necessities” such as paper products or other shelf-stable food was good to have.

Perhaps the frenzy solidified the need to have a mini-stockpile of essentials.

While we always “stocked up” on things – there were many that were overlooked.

Now we are more firm in our list of known items that are truly important to keep on hand.

3. Rationing of addictive items (smokes for instance)

Cigarettes – are considered “bad.” But still, 30% of the population smokes.

One thing that was apparent as “scarcity” became an issue – was how to get your “fix” if you run out.

Well – many people know that you most often extinguish your cigarettes far before they’re “done.”

A good way to get more for your money – is to flick the ember of the cigarette – and save it for a later smoke.

While not the most pleasant method – it enables you to make your pack of smokes last longer.

(Note that this works much better for menthol-flavored brands.)

4. More time to tend to basics

Naturally – since most people stayed at home – that provided extra time to actually DO things.

Instead of traveling to stores or other events – we had much more time to tackle projects and other looming responsibilities.

That allowed us to gain momentum for tasks that perhaps may have fallen behind.

Kind of like a blessing in disguise.

Especially with lower-priority items such as the aesthetics of your property, etc.

5. More time to organize!

Similar to above – the extra time not spending traversing the region also allows you more time to “analyze” your surroundings.

And if you’re logical and sensible – you strive to improve. It’s human nature in people that aren’t consumed with pop-culture or entertainment.

We’ve slowly been chipping away at projects and other organizational goals that have sat on the shelf for years. Kind of amazing, actually.

While we’re not 100% “gung-ho” about this endeavor (as in we’re haven’t become a psycho about it), it has been quite a regular thing. We simply just have more time to be practical and efficient. Not ideal – but knocking off things that would have most certainly been forgotten if not for this newfound extra time.

Lastly: Extra time is always good – if you use it properly

In the end – this whole panic may have been a profound mistake – regardless of what “they” say.

But as people who love finding silver linings, I have to say hooray.

While our family was “staying safe,” we also slowly found ways to “be better.”

Whether it was spending even more time with your crazy kids (and teaching them sports, riding bikes, or other skills), or just doing work you never had (or made) time for – it’s a net positive.

Many people talk about how their regular life was altered.

We chose to see how our regular life might have been in need of improvement.

What are your positive outcomes?

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