The Black River Journal {Vlog 10}

The Black River Journal {Vlog 10}

Above is a video review (getting better by the week!) of The Black River Journal.

We like these guys and we’ve never met them!

They run a top-notch publication with both great contents as well as quality local advertisers. Not your typical “who will pay us a buck” type ad book.

While it’s obvious any magazine or publication is essentially an ad book (like this website as well), the quality of content differentiates between a pure ad book and one with compelling articles and information.

We hope you enjoy our brief 5-minute overview of The Black River Journal. We try our best being unscripted and off-the-cuff.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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2 years ago

Good shout out for the Chester Meat Market! We love that place, too. Best quality cuts of meat. Some cost a pretty penny. So you need to know how to properly cook your meat in order to not waste your money. But like you said, the hot dogs are out of this world. Worth it to visit them just for those.