With all the nonsensical pleas for attention out there these days, there has to be a movement for something more realistic. Size discrimination against tall people! There is no decent place along the NJroute22.com area for size 14 shoes for men.

Limited options for tall people with large feet!

Having big feet isn’t freaky. The human body was designed to keep you upright. But why clothing manufacturers “discriminate” against those people is wrong.

And having normal feet for your height is natural! The fact that the clothing industry caters to those who are UNNATURALLY large (i.e., voluntarily via hand-mouth-eating) bugs the crap out of us.

We know places like Burlington Coat Factory have sloppy seconds to begin with – but if you really want to see crappy stuff – look at shoe sizes 14 and up. Only Herman Munster would find these shoes appealing (look that up if you have no clue about that reference).

No longer can shop at stores for what we like

If we’re out at a mall or clothing store, no longer do we browse to find shoes that we find appealing. We simply ask “what size 14 do you have in stock?” And then look at the two or three pairs they bring out. We have yet to buy anything in person.

This is yet another reason why online shopping wins. The mass-market stores and malls only cater to the most popular groups. (Yes we do understand space limitations – but still!)

And the “big and tall” stores are also awful. Butt ugly things. And usually the super-duper big and tall, not just slightly above!

What about the fact that they’re so direct with “big and tall?” Why haven’t big, tall guys become “offended” yet? I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen sooner or later. Imagine how some tubby ladies would feel if their clothing stores were called “soft and flabby?” Oh boy!

Both the mighty tall and strong people like us – as well as the super-petite and in-shape ladies are often discriminated against. And it seems it gets hardly any attention. What about all this inclusiveness (powerful word) that everyone is crying about?

We might have to start a movement for people like us!

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