Everyone thinks they know better than you

Everyone thinks they know better than you

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we’ll explore what we feel is a recent trend of everyone thinking they know better than you.

Some brief examples are:

  • social media companies “banning” people…
  • politicians and what they deem are the best policies to RULE over you
  • diet and health experts who only peddle wrong information
  • mindset and ideals – such as equality or inclusivity
  • Even supreme courts “refusing” to hear arguments! Why in the world?

The internet brain is no substitute for real-world experience

Perhaps we’re barking up a non-existent tree here. But one theory we have for the ordinary “self-proclaimed expert” is that the internet brain is giving many people a false sense of reality.

And that, we feel, is a bit of a problem.

You see – so many people nowadays “look shit up” online – and believe that JUST BECAUSE THEY READ SOME WORDS SOMEWHERE – that it constitutes TRUTH.

This is odd – considering online search giants actually custom-tailor their results for hundreds of thousands of sub-groups of people out there. That gave their privacy away, and as a result, get almost conditioned into a particular mindset because of the types of information delivered to them.

The internet brain makes a lot of people cocky. And most of the time – the people claiming knowledge – had zero first-hand experience about what they claim intellectual superiority over.

We try – at least on this channel – to talk about things we have first-hand experience with. We wish more people did.

But in the end – it’s really one of the most annoying traits when someone acts all knowledgable about something – because they “Read it somewhere.” The lack of critical thinking, as well as validation of sources (and reading dissenting viewpoints), is astonishing.

And of course – real discussion, conversation, and fair debate are likely at an all-time low in society. And will probably continue the downward trend indefinitely.

That’s it for today – what are your thoughts about the “know-it-alls” you’ve encountered?

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